Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 05

We had a great time at the Barbara and Bob sponsored Halloween party ! That's Mary Poppins and Squidward meeting up for the first time ever!
Party goers enjoyed the very delicious food.
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Crescent City Surf Trip

Mark, Greg, Rob and Craig getting ready to break on through the fog. You could hear the surf breaking but could not see it as the fog was too thick. Mark said it would be worth the paddle out because "When it breaks at Garth's it's usually good". Mark was right, all was good, until he ran over Craig and put him out of commission.

The Redding boys check out South Beach.

Greg catches one of the little peaks rebounding off the jetty.

Rob backside, getting ready to pull into the pit !
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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Big Screen TV For Less

Big screen TV on the cheap (relatively). That's the Packers winning on the 8 foot wide 5 foot tall projected image ! The projector is a Infocus 4805 that can be had for under $1000. The projector is being fed a High Definition signal from a DirectTV satellite. The image is projected on to a unaltered textured wall painted a light beige color. It looks awesome in person, the image is so bright you cannot see any of the texturing until you get upclose, at normal viewing distance the texture is undetectable. DVDs also look excellent and you get the theater experience without all the annoyances( cell phones, talking, inappropriate audience reactions, ect.) So, for under a grand for the projector you can have a TV measured in feet not inches.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Why I'll Never Shop At Best Buy Again

I went to Best Buy after seeing, in their newspaper insert advertisement, a hard drive I wanted to buy. The ad had a rebate offer of $40.00. I went in on the day (Sun.) the ad came out, the same day the offer started. Best Buy had none in stock. I requested and received a rain check with assurances the price would be the same when the hard drive came in. I was notified the following Wed. by email that the hard drive was now in stock.

When I arrived at Best Buy and went to the rain check redemption counter the clerk told me to go to the department a get the HD there. There where no HD's on the shelf. I returned to the counter and the clerk told me that if the HD was not on the shelf then they did not have any. The clerk then went into the backroom to look for the HD. When the clerk returned she said that the HD was not in the back room. I asked the clerk " Why did Best Buy send me an email telling me the HD was in stock? And how would I know when it would be in stock?". The clerk then sought help from someone else. The new clerk went into the back room and returned with the HD with my name printed on it. Whew!

But that is not the end of the story. When I went to the checkout counter they informed me that the rebate had expired and I would have to pay full price !

No thanks, I will never purchase anything at a Best Buy again, and that's how you lose customers, Sell your best buy stock now!.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

NEA at it again !

From Engadget this is a caption contest.

my take:

140. Posted Aug 18, 2005, 6:06 PM ET by Millsd

Not content with brainwashing our children after they are of school age, the NEA (National Education Association) is is getting to them right out of the womb.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

200000 Miles

Check it out ! We bought a Jeep Cherokee new in 1986. Lynn has been driving it ever since. It just turned 200000 miles ! I've changed the oil about 60 times. The other 6 oil changes where done by lube joints. This car has been pretty reliable, BTW it has the 4 cylinder motor.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mabel Comes Out of Retirement

Mabel came out of retirement to spice up a bachelor party for a 80 year old who was marrying a seventy year old!

Don't worry, there where no wrinkles exposed.

Mabel had a real scare. While checking her breasts for lumps , she thought she discovered a mass, but it turned out to be her beltbuckle. Mabel is for hire if you have the desire.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Firefox 1.0.5 is available

Firefox 1.0.5 is available for download. If you're not using Firefox as your web browser you should at least try it out. It could save you from all kinds of internet malady's.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Those Shirts Rock !

The Truth
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I blasted Fuji for bad Customer Service a couple of posts ago, so here is a post about a great company.

I ordered a t-shirt from and the size that I ordered (XL) turned out to be much shorter than all my other XL t-shirts. Now, I'm not into belly shirts or mullets, so I e-mailed Customer service requesting an exchange. I received an immediate answer saying :" No Problem, We'll send you a XXL shirt right out. Don't bother sending the XL shirt back, keep it."

So now my wife and I have matching t-shirts ! They have some great shirts at so give them some business.


Gerber Daisy by Star Girl
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Submitted for your approval. This beautiful photograph was composed by faithful reader Star Girl. She is a talented photographer as well as a student of Dance!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Fuji Sucks

Fuji Cameras Suck
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I paid $400.00 dollars for this camera after reading good reviews and recommendations from PCMagazine. 18 months after I purchased the camera it failed due to poor manufacturing. Screws inside the camera that had held the lens ring in place became loose and short circuited the camera. I searched the internet and found that this was not uncommon for this to happen ! I sent the camera to Fuji for repair along with a letter to customer service stating what had happened and that my repair experience with this camera would dictate whether or not I would be purchasing any more Fuji products. I sent two letters one to the repair facility and one to Customer service. I received no correspondence from Fuji . I received only a computer generated repair tag estimate for the repairs at $118.00. Needless to say I will not be purchasing anymore Fuji Products.

Buyer beware of Fuji.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Trip to San Felipe Mexico

Here's where I flew my paraglider
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Bruce at The San Felipe Marina
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Bruce and I went down to San Felipe, Mexico to retrieve Bruce's motorhome(1977). San Felipe is on the Sea of Cortez 125 miles south of Calexico, CA. We stopped at my sister Sue's house on the way down to take advantage of her hospitality. On Sunday morning we were off again, arriving in San Felipe Sunday afternoon. After locating the storage facility where Bruce's motorhome was stored we tried to start it with no luck. We went into town to get some fresh gas. The storage attendant said she would wait for our return, for it was close to closing time. When we returned and reentered the storage yard to continue our work the attendant locked us in unbeknownst to us until we later tried to exit. We spent the rest of Sunday locked in the storage lot.

We made some minor repairs to the motorhome spent a couple days scouting out places to fly. I was able to get one very short flight at the bluff across from our camping spot, but the wind was cross and light. Every other attempt we made was met with winds that were to strong. We did play golf one day at a local "Sand Course", no grass, all sand including the "greens".

We left Mexico on Wednesday and arrived home Thursday afternoon after stopping once to duct tape back on some fiberglass siding and to change a fuel filter half way up California. All in all a good trip !

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Lynn goin' backwards!
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Hey I'm back!, not that anybody has been reading. We went up to Mt. Shasta to go ice skating. Lynn and I had not been ice skating in about 25 years. This was my 4th time ever, but Lynn of course grew up in Wisconsin so she was rippin'.