Sunday, March 27, 2005

Trip to San Felipe Mexico

Here's where I flew my paraglider
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Bruce at The San Felipe Marina
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Bruce and I went down to San Felipe, Mexico to retrieve Bruce's motorhome(1977). San Felipe is on the Sea of Cortez 125 miles south of Calexico, CA. We stopped at my sister Sue's house on the way down to take advantage of her hospitality. On Sunday morning we were off again, arriving in San Felipe Sunday afternoon. After locating the storage facility where Bruce's motorhome was stored we tried to start it with no luck. We went into town to get some fresh gas. The storage attendant said she would wait for our return, for it was close to closing time. When we returned and reentered the storage yard to continue our work the attendant locked us in unbeknownst to us until we later tried to exit. We spent the rest of Sunday locked in the storage lot.

We made some minor repairs to the motorhome spent a couple days scouting out places to fly. I was able to get one very short flight at the bluff across from our camping spot, but the wind was cross and light. Every other attempt we made was met with winds that were to strong. We did play golf one day at a local "Sand Course", no grass, all sand including the "greens".

We left Mexico on Wednesday and arrived home Thursday afternoon after stopping once to duct tape back on some fiberglass siding and to change a fuel filter half way up California. All in all a good trip !

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Anonymous said...

Whoa San Flippy eh? Wish I coulda come back with you. I'm stuck here until June 6. Smokey