Friday, September 02, 2005

Why I'll Never Shop At Best Buy Again

I went to Best Buy after seeing, in their newspaper insert advertisement, a hard drive I wanted to buy. The ad had a rebate offer of $40.00. I went in on the day (Sun.) the ad came out, the same day the offer started. Best Buy had none in stock. I requested and received a rain check with assurances the price would be the same when the hard drive came in. I was notified the following Wed. by email that the hard drive was now in stock.

When I arrived at Best Buy and went to the rain check redemption counter the clerk told me to go to the department a get the HD there. There where no HD's on the shelf. I returned to the counter and the clerk told me that if the HD was not on the shelf then they did not have any. The clerk then went into the backroom to look for the HD. When the clerk returned she said that the HD was not in the back room. I asked the clerk " Why did Best Buy send me an email telling me the HD was in stock? And how would I know when it would be in stock?". The clerk then sought help from someone else. The new clerk went into the back room and returned with the HD with my name printed on it. Whew!

But that is not the end of the story. When I went to the checkout counter they informed me that the rebate had expired and I would have to pay full price !

No thanks, I will never purchase anything at a Best Buy again, and that's how you lose customers, Sell your best buy stock now!.