Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Me and Leo Laporte

Here's a picture of Leo Laporte

This is a photo of me with tech guru Leo Laporte at the Portable Media Expo way back in November. That's a nice tooth less grin on me, look at Leo's smile you can tell he's a pro.

Leo was very gracious and acommodating to me. It's amazing he must have had to greet and talk to hundreds of people at this event and yet he greeted me as if I was and old friend when I ran into him outside the hall.

I also talked with Patrick Norton for quite a while inside the hall. He was also acomadating. He is not as wide and big as he looks on TV. We talked about Surfing, racing, and paragliding. He said he sees people flying at Daly City all the time, on he's way to work. I had fun seeing alot of the people that I listen to via podcasts. You can catch Leo's podcasts at TWiT and you can catch Patrick at

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