Friday, January 02, 2009

Power Line - Commemorating 50 Lousy Years

Power Line - Commemorating 50 Lousy Years: "The Cuban Communist revolution is 50 years old this year, and the occasion is being commemorated all over the island. It's hardly a joyous celebration, however. Cuba has been a laboratory experiment that has demonstrated that Communism is the worst possible economic and political system, as the island has fallen steadily farther behind its formerly-poorer Caribbean neighbors.

Meanwhile, Fidel Castro and his cronies have been enriched to an extraordinary degree. As we noted here, Castro may have stolen a higher percentage of his country's wealth than any tyrant in history. In addition, he has bedded an extraordinary number of Cuba's beautiful young women. So for Fidel, it's been a great 50 years.

For other Cubans, it's been a nightmare. Havana is falling apart, and Cuba is a classic car paradise, since no one can afford to buy a new one:"

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