Monday, February 09, 2009

Disguised As A Stimulus Bill

The stimulus bill that isn't, the stimulus bill is actually a Democrat power perpetuation bill. A lot of the provisions of the bill steer money to Democrat organizing entities, ACORN for example and other similar organizations.

Two factors combine to make a powerful base. President Obama wrote executive orders that make government project contractors, virtually union shops only. The looming “Employee Free Choice Act.” (aka card check),. The card check provisions eliminate secret ballots to establish unions at non union companies.

The “Employee Free Choice Act.” makes union organizing much easier due to the intimidation factor. Employees can be coerced into signing cards but cannot be intimidated when a secret ballot is conducted by the NLRB.

President Obama and the Democrats are laying the ground work for a massive unionization surge. A majority of the new jobs created by the Stimulus Package will be union jobs. The new government jobs will be unionized. The massive government projects built by government contractors will subject Obama’s executive orders and will be unionized as well.

The more union members there are the more union dues the union collects. The unions, both public sector and private sector spend hundreds of millions of dollars to influence elections. The unions effect school board elections to presidential elections. The unions almost always endorse democrat politicians and policy. Money flowing through unions often ends up back into political campaigns and pockets.

If the “Employee Free Choice Act.” passes the union’s first target will be Walmart. With close to 2 million employees Walmart unionization would mean about a half a billion dollars in union dues paid per year, that's a lot of influence.

President Obama is pushing very hard to get this stimulus bill passed quickly by scaring the public so that he and the Democrats will have a rich political machine well into the future. The number one priority of President Obama and the Democrats is to stay in power not the U.S. economy.

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