Monday, March 02, 2009

Race Dialog

Make sure you read the whole essay.

American Thinker: Eric Holder's Tragic Prison: "For the next twenty minutes I stood at the chalkboard writing down the names of common professions. Next to the profession I let the students direct me to writing either 'white' or 'black' based on their perception of 'correct' life choices for people of color. There was raucous laughter and the students were at the edge of their seats proclaiming their judgments in near unison. Mathematician? White. Architect? White. Athlete? Black. Musician? Black. Engineer? White. Chemist? White. Physicist? White. Journalist? (this one caused some confusion) Teacher? Black. Economist? White. Business? White.

After we had covered the board with our list, I asked the students to consider the possibility of crossing over to one of the 'white' professions. The response was unanimous: such a compromise would render the student an 'Oreo.' The students believed that a black engineer, for example, was black on the outside but unfortunately white on the inside." ...........

During the several years I taught in the minority writing program, foreign students would often be allowed to join the writing course in order to improve their English and composition skills. Of these the Nigerian students were by far my favorites. Their respect for scholarship, learning, and academic achievement was unmatched. Their essays ranged in interest from international affairs to advertising -- and the quality of their work was excellent.

What fascinated me was how the classroom dynamic changed with the addition of the students from Nigeria. The African-American students looked at the coal black Nigerians like they had landed from Mars. For their part, the Nigerians rarely showed any interest in the culture of the black students on campus.

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