Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Power Line - The Obama Administration Keeps A Secret

Power Line - The Obama Administration Keeps A Secret: "Why would the Obama administration not want the public to see detailed and previously undisclosed information about intelligence successes achieved through enhanced interrogation? Why does that information need to remain classified, when the administration is happy to give terrorists a road map to our interrogation techniques, along with assurances that those techniques are intended only to frighten, and they will never really be harmed? How could our security be compromised by giving the American people the details on how successful the CIA's program was?

It's hard to think of any non-political answers to these questions. The logical inference is that Obama wants to release information that he thinks will smear the Bush administration, but does not want the American public to be fully informed about the benefits that were gained from the Bush administration's policies--policies that he now proposes to abandon. All the more reason to join in Dick Cheney's request that, if the administration is going to open the book on enhanced interrogation, the American people should be able to see the whole record."

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