Sunday, August 16, 2009

Medical Policy - British Union of Fascists

Medical Policy - British Union of Fascists: "The British Union of Fascists presents to the people of Great Britain in this paper, a brief summary of some of the principle points of its policy in connection with what is probably the most vital of all National problems: PUBLIC HEALTH.

IT must be understood by the reader that this policy, based as it is upon the Fascist conception of the National welfare, has been drawn up by a group of specialists in all branches of what we choose to call the healing professions of this country. Men and women of considerable prominence, some of them members of our Movement but others not, have devoted many months to a study of the problems with which we shall deal, and on a correct solution of which we realise the future of the Fascist State must rest. The whole of the public health services of the nation will always have from a Fascist Government, the very first consideration; because it is felt that in the building of the Greater Britain the health of all people of all classes must be a most important care of the Government."